Monday, August 28, 2017

How a Dentist in Turlock Addresses a Tooth with a Weak Structure?

The appearance and function of teeth are important to a person in their own ways. While the aesthetics of a smile can greatly complement an individual’s overall appearance, the proper function of teeth can help with maintaining good oral health. Due to the presence of factors such as trauma and decay, the proper function of teeth and the appearance of the teeth can become impeded. As a result of factors such as these, the natural structure of a tooth may be weakened, and cracks may appear on the surface of the tooth.    


When it comes to dealing with such cases, there are several treatment options available from many a dentist in Turlock. If a tooth with a weak structure is left unaddressed for long, it can worsen to a point where extraction will be necessary. To avoid this situation, a patient can choose from one of the options available to address a tooth with a weak structure.     

What are the options available?

Porcelain Veneers – these restorations are some of the most popular cosmetic services offered by dentists. A veneer is essentially a thin wafer of porcelain that is bonded to the front of a tooth. This restoration is fabricated based on impressions and scans of the patient’s teeth taken during the first appointment. These veneers are effective at addressing a range of imperfections, both cosmetic and functional.   

Porcelain Crowns – dental crowns have been used by dentists for many years to correct many imperfections. However, a common use for this restoration is to protect teeth with a weak structure and provide additional strength. The crown is normally made of porcelain and is color-matched to the patient’s teeth to blend in seamlessly. This restoration covers the whole visible area of the tooth above the gum line, which will protect the remaining tooth structure and reinforce it.  

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Root Canal in San Carlos

The term ‘root canal’ is colloquially used to mean root canal therapy but it is a misnomer because a root canal actually refers to the canal that runs inside a tooth root. This canal is filled with dental pulp, connective tissue containing blood vessels and nerve endings. It is the living and nurturing core of the tooth. Without the dental pulp, the tooth would be ‘dead’. Invading bacteria depend on this live tissue to multiply and grow.

Root Canal in San Carlos CA

What is root canal therapy?

Removing the dental pulp from the root canal, sterilizing the empty space left and sealing it off is what basically happens during this treatment. The dentist in San Carlos has to be very patient and careful in removing all the living matter from the canal and then sterilizing it. If any dental pulp remains the root canal therapy will not be successful and the tooth will be in danger of future attacks by harmful bacteria. Dental cement is used to seal off the canal so that nothing could enter inside. The resulting dead tooth is of no use to bacteria and that helps to save the tooth.

Why is root canal therapy needed?

No matter how carefully we follow the at-home dental routine sometimes tooth decay occurs. Some people are genetically prone to decay as well and they need to take extra precautions. When a tooth is decayed the first line of treatment is a dental filling. If its condition worsens, for example if the decay goes deeper, then the oral health is compromised. The tooth may also be in danger of breaking up into pieces. Then root canal therapy becomes the last resource in saving the tooth and avoiding extraction. Most dentists nowadays try to maintain the natural teeth for as long as possible as it is shown that teeth stimulate jawbone growth. 

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Restore a Beautiful Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Irvine CA

A person’s smile is a very valuable asset to their overall appearance. Having a great smile can greatly complement an individual’s appearance, and convey a friendly, welcoming feeling. In addition to this, a great smile can be important in giving someone a good first impression. As a result, many individuals are looking for a way to address imperfections and improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. A popular choice for this purpose is to use porcelain veneers, which are offered by many Irvine CA dentists. The veneer is a small restoration that is commonly used to address a range of imperfections with teeth. It is normally made from either porcelain or ceramic, and is color-matched to the patient’s teeth to ensure the best aesthetic result.

Porcelain Veneers Irvine CA

Who is a candidate for veneers?

The veneer is normally bonded to the front of the tooth in all situations in order to conceal any imperfections. When considering candidates for dental veneers, almost any person who wants to deal with imperfections of their teeth is suitable to use this restoration. Individuals who have cracks or chips on their teeth most frequently choose porcelain veneers to correct this imperfection. Another occasion where veneers can be used is to correct gaps between teeth. In addition to this, occasions where Teeth Whitening has been ineffective against stains can benefit from the use of veneers as well. 

What should be expected from the veneers process?

Initially, the dentist will file down a small portion of the front of the patient’s tooth. This will create room to accommodate the veneer. An impression will then be taken and sent to a dental lab to have the restoration fabricated. After around a two week process, the veneer will be ready and the patient can return to have the restoration permanently bonded. The dentist will first fit the veneer and make any necessary adjustments. Following this, the veneer will be permanently bonded to the tooth.

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