Thursday, August 10, 2017

Root Canal in San Carlos

The term ‘root canal’ is colloquially used to mean root canal therapy but it is a misnomer because a root canal actually refers to the canal that runs inside a tooth root. This canal is filled with dental pulp, connective tissue containing blood vessels and nerve endings. It is the living and nurturing core of the tooth. Without the dental pulp, the tooth would be ‘dead’. Invading bacteria depend on this live tissue to multiply and grow.

Root Canal in San Carlos CA

What is root canal therapy?

Removing the dental pulp from the root canal, sterilizing the empty space left and sealing it off is what basically happens during this treatment. The dentist in San Carlos has to be very patient and careful in removing all the living matter from the canal and then sterilizing it. If any dental pulp remains the root canal therapy will not be successful and the tooth will be in danger of future attacks by harmful bacteria. Dental cement is used to seal off the canal so that nothing could enter inside. The resulting dead tooth is of no use to bacteria and that helps to save the tooth.

Why is root canal therapy needed?

No matter how carefully we follow the at-home dental routine sometimes tooth decay occurs. Some people are genetically prone to decay as well and they need to take extra precautions. When a tooth is decayed the first line of treatment is a dental filling. If its condition worsens, for example if the decay goes deeper, then the oral health is compromised. The tooth may also be in danger of breaking up into pieces. Then root canal therapy becomes the last resource in saving the tooth and avoiding extraction. Most dentists nowadays try to maintain the natural teeth for as long as possible as it is shown that teeth stimulate jawbone growth. 

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