Monday, June 26, 2017

Family Dentistry North Hollywood

Having a big family is a wonderful thing. The fun and frolic and the endless companionship is something you never take for granted. Big families tend to enjoy doing things together, even the tedious tasks. Going to the doctor or the dentist can be like one big family trip. Imagine then how important it is to have a good family dentistry office near your home in North Hollywood so that you can all go for checkups at the same time and not have to make several trips. 

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What is the difference between Family Dentistry and General Dentistry?

A general dentist may be a one-stop shop for all dentistry needs but this applies to only adults. In the case of a family, only mum and dad can go to a general dentist for oral care. A family dentistry office on the other hand has a pediatric dentist in at all times. This means the parents can take the kids along whenever they visit the dentist for checkups. Even if the kids do not need any dental treatment, the dentist is still an interesting place for them to read about oral care or just play until the parents are done. The staff at a family dentistry office is specially trained to handle kids of all ages, and they do it with love. 

What is the Right Age to take a Child to the Dentist?

The first tooth eruption of an infant is a good time to take him or her to the dentist for an inspection. Some parents wait until the child is one year old, and that is fine if teeth start appearing around that time. But if your baby is teething around 6 months, you should not wait for the first birthday. Knowing how to care for baby teeth is important and for a first time mum, getting advice from the dentist can be a big help. 

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