Monday, July 17, 2017

Family Dentistry Costa Mesa

You probably never really gave much thought to family dentistry until you had a family of your own. When you are single or newly married, going to the dentist is something you just do, on your own. All that changes when additions are made to the family. That’s when planning a visit to the dentist requires much thought, like with any other visit outside the home, because you either need to arrange for a babysitter to care for the kids or you need to call upon your energy reserves to take them to the office with you. It would be so much easier to synchronize the dental appointments of all family members, especially when it comes to regular checkups.

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What is family dentistry?

Dentists are readily available in Costa Mesa. But not all of them cater to children. A general dentist is a doctor that you can trust to diagnose any oral health issue and to subsequently treat it. He or she will not attend to any children however, and so it becomes impractical to go to a general dentist for your regular checkups when you have children. A family dentistry, on the other hand, caters to both adults and kids. By kids we mean anyone ranging in age from infant to teen. A family dentistry will treat patients of all ages.

Do family dentists offer the same services as general dentists? 

A general dentist offers many treatments at the practice. A family dentist provides similar services too but their approach is different for kids. For instance, they will spend time talking to children before a procedure to soothe them. A family dentist is also happy to provide sedation for anxious children – let’s face it, most kids are naturally fearful about the dentist’s chair. These doctors also advise new mothers on how to care for primary teeth, providing wonderful support to families.

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